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Hearts Against Hunger provides food to children whose main source of nutrition is “free and reduced” breakfast and lunch at school and families in need who might not qualify for other support. Hearts Against Hunger coordinates with community non-profit organizations, local businesses, and families to raise funds and solicit food donations. Food is distributed through local public schools directly to the children for meals at home. Hearts Against Hunger ensures that students have sustenance over weekends and holidays.

Hearts Against Hunger was conceived in August, 2017. While attending a family vacation in Kitty Hawk, NC, co-founder, Jill Edwards, was inspired by a presentation about the Wright Brothers and their pursuits in aviation. The presenter challenged the audience to “find something that you are passionate about and to strive to make a difference.” These words left a lasting impression. 

Returning home, Jill and co founder Katherine Hoffman, and their young children volunteered to distribute lunches to children in need through a program called Lunches Of Love. The recipients’ appreciation had a profound impact on these families. Learning about food insecurity in her own neighborhood and the dire needs of children in her own school proved revelatory. Jill reflected on her time in Kitty Hawk, NC and the words of the presentation encouraging her to make a difference. She resolved to work with her children’s school.

Jill also began reaching out to friends and family members, establishing a board of directors. The diverse membership includes individuals experienced in non-profit administration, marketing and local volunteers committed to community service.   

As Hearts Against Hunger continues through its developmental stages, Jill, Katherine and volunteers are already reaching out to several businesses in the area to  form relationships that will support this effort. The staff and administration at the elementary school is part of this effort. More than 40% of the school’s students qualify for free or reduced meals. Starting modestly to help out ten students a week, the organization will grow to help all of the families in need. We are already working directly with the counselor and teachers to reach out to families most in need and determine how best to distribute the food.

Food insecurity in Gwinnett County and all over Metro Atlanta is a heartbreaking and an almost invisible problem. We can support our most vulnerable children working together in our community. Our dream is to eliminate food insecurity. No child should go to bed hungry. 

To learn more about food insecurity, check out our Resources page.

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